Carnival of the Mobilists 73

This time it's hosted by Xellular Identity. My personal pick is Tim Trent's Dovetailing SMS Marketing and Traditional campaigns in Marketing by Permission.I'm continuing on my "wonder…


Steape Offers Talking Translator for Mobile Phones

The thrill of traveling to unknown territories appeals to our adventurous spirit but most of the times dampened by communications barriers. With Steape mobile phone talking translator, you need not le…


Scarface Conquered the Mobile World

Tony Montana is back to wipe out all the cock-a-roaches!

Gangster icons are gaining traction in the mobile industry with the recent success of Al Pacino's Scarface. According from The Hollywood …


Mobile Virus Scares Pakistan

Today, it seems that mobile devices can do anything. It can even stir fear among millions of subscribers and make the whole world laugh at the same time!

In a report by Patrick Barnard of TMCnet, mo…


China’s Mobile Population Exceeds Total US Population

This is a scary statistic in many ways, and an exciting one in others: There are now reportedly more mobile phone subscribers in China than there are people in the US.China Mobile, the world's lar…


Images of Global Mobile Culture

As Darla Mack so kindly pointed to today, I am conducting some visual research into the different cultures of mobility around the world, and doing so using Flickr, as good a place as any to gather ima…