Jail Time for UK Drivers Using Cellphones

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Watch out mate for harsher penalties await those Brits using their mobile phones while driving. Either the government is not pleased with its existing policies or the people are simply stubborn enough not to care.

According to Globe and Mail, a new guideline will be released today. Lawbreakers could be slapped with dangerous driving, an offense charging them unlimited fine and two-year imprisonment.

Since the cellphone ban in 2003, the punishment includes automatic fine worth �£60 or $120 and 3 points for careless driving. Still, several motorists break this law every single day.

If you think you get away by using a hands-free mobile phone, you can still be penalized if authorities deem you're out of control.

While the intention is rather good, implementing this is one hell of a problem. A strong monitoring and some scare tactics are needed to make this cellphone ban truly effective.

via MobileCrunch

| December 20th, 2007 | Posted in Mobile Culture, Mobile Technologies |

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