Verizon 4G Coming Soon

Verizon 4G Coming Soon

When it comes to wireless networks, speed and reliability are constantly being improved upon. Verizon Wireless has completed initial testing of its 4G wireless service and says the commercial roll out is coming in 2010.
Making use of a new technology called Long Term Evolution (LTE), Verizon successfully made calls in Boston and Seattle (the first two US cities to offer the service).

The calls use the new 700 MHz spectrum which was recently freed up for cellular use after being assigned to TV stations.

If you think 3G is quick enough for your needs, consider this: 4G will offer speeds five to 10 times faster than existing network and yield average download speeds of 7 to 12 Mbps.

The concept is exciting but Verizon isn't the first to chart such territory. Sprint has already launched its own commercial 4G service (operated by Clearwire) using a technology called WiMax rather than LTE.

Verizon will begin its commercial 4G launch next year in 30 markets initially and hopes to have the entire nation covered within the next three years.

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  1. David Says:

    Looking forward to that launch. I like 3G but 4G is the KING!

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