Sony Turns Mylo from Service to Device

Sony Turns Mylo from Service to Device

Remember the fabulous Mylo (My Life Online) wireless service for Sony Clies? No, of course you don't. Well, the name has been resurrected for a spiffy new mobile wireless device that sports a number of popular communication applications, such as Skype, Yahoo! Messenger and GoogleTalk. Mylo is clearly aiming at the Nokia 770 and the Sidekick with its form and function, but is more of a media player than either of these.

According to reports, the device will sport 1MB of onboard memory, expandable to 4GB. It is wireless ready via WiFi, and can stream music to other Mylo devices locally. Sounds like Microsoft's Zune, then!

Reports also say it will only be sold online and on college campuses, though that seems pretty limiting. Price is set at $350 at the moment.

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  1. Jose Says:

    The Sony Mylo Is Nothing Compared To Helio’s Ocean

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