Social Networking by Mobile

Social Networking by Mobile

The New York Times has a story today about mobile social networking applications – particularly focusing on the new hot thing, Twitter, as well as Jaiku, social image site Radar, and Kyte. While the article doesn't break any new ground, it does mention some Helio user numbers – saying some 70% of Helio's 700,000 users (as of the end of last year) use integrated MySpace functionality.

Mobile social networking software, also called mososo by those people who want to make everything into a cute word, has been around for a few years, with some flashes in the pan such as Dodgeball, which Google seems to have not made up its mind about, breaking onto the scene a couple years ago to start the ball rolling. Text has continued to be the killer social app, and maybe Twitter has taken that a half-step forward. Kids today like the social aspects, but some apps' complexity turns users off after a while. So, what's the next killer mobile social app? GPS, like Boost Loopt or Helio's BuddyBeacon? Viral video and images? Push-to-talk? Will it continue to be simple text messaging? Integration with the top social sites only? What new innovation might break this space open finally?

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  1. MuZui Says:

    Zyb is also very interesting… Got sold to Vodafone for 30 euro a couple of months ago.

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