Nokia 770 Tablet To Get Additional Upgrades

Nokia 770 Tablet To Get Additional Upgrades

Nokia has been talking again about the 770 Internet tablet, and suggests that the next release may include a web cam and WiMAX capability. The most recent upgrade to the intriguing device added GoogleTalk and VoIP functions, but the 770 remains a fringe piece of hardware, stuck somewhere between a smartphone and a UMPC.

Ari Virtanen, VP of convergence products at the Finnish company, waved off possibility of a cellular radio in his interview with CNet, saying that addition of such would put the 770 in the control of operators, which Nokia is not keen to do. This, alongside the development of its retail stores shows a real interest in not relying on operators to be the main delivery channel to consumers, particularly for high end devices and handsets.

No word as to the next version release.

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