New Mobile Phone Gives Vision to the Blind

nokia n82

The combination of powerful handset Nokia N82 with character-recognition and text-to-speech software from KNFB Reading Technology resulted to a cutting edge mobile phone that can assist the blind or visually-impaired people, according to USA Today.

A sightless person can use the phone to snap a picture of a menu, book, printed receipt or business card. Software on the phone processes the words on those items and reads the text aloud in a synthesized voice. The device can even let a blind person know if paper currency is a $5 or a $20 bill.

Unfortunately, this innovative product is not within the reach of average individuals. The software alone is worth $1,595 plus the cost of Nokia N82 which is around $500. Polarizers are also needed to reduce the glare on the phone.

Since this is just the beginning, let's hope these guys are brilliant enough to find ways to lower the development cost of this product and make this available to the greater community.

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