Mosio: Unlimited Mobile Q&A + Other Mobile Tools for Only $3.95/month

Mosio: Unlimited Mobile Q&A + Other Mobile Tools for Only $3.95/month

Mobile search is not an entirely new concept in this mobile technology industry. While users are accustomed to the rate of $0.99 per message, a new mobile messaging service called Mosio is here to rock the boat by offering an "all you can text" option for only $3.95 per month.

And for the same amount, you get to help global technology and engineering projects since this socially responsible company donates $0.25 of each monthly subscription generated. Another great thing – it's ad-free!

What's the value to mobile users?
*Get questions answered by a live person when you're away from your computer
*Create and send text message newsletters, alerts and notifications to mobile users
*Receive great content such as news, entertainment and fun information from other 30 content channels
*Set reminders to remember birthdays and appointments
*Find food, bars, shops and fun places
*Compile and retrieve grocery and to do lists

A coined word of "mobile" and "sociology", the word Mosio refers to study of human behavior in mobile setting. The philosophy of Mosio is grounded on their passion to resist automation and foster community-based interaction.

From Noel Chandler, one of the co-founders of Mosio Project:

While so much technology is made to be automated, we truly wanted to create something in the mobile space that continued to bring people closer together. The tools we're building out are on the social network side of things. There's a lot going on in this space and we don't just want to do what everyone else is doing, it needs to be different, so we're building what we have and taking notes on what is going on so we can build great things.

My favorite:

Similar to AskMeNow or any of those question answering services, but doesn't have to pay per question. Instead your questions get sent to other Mosio Members (called QnAgents) who have offered to answer questions whenever they're at their computers.

Interested to try? Visit Mosio. If you want to test if this will work on your phone, visit the Mosio Test My Phone

Read Mosio Press Release

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  1. aminaglia Says:

    Mobile Answers ( is free and offers access to 4 million topics –

  2. aminaglia Says:

    Try Mobile Answers – ( your handheld. It’s free and gives you direct access to 4 million topics from

  3. Adnan Says:

    Very nice price.

  4. Rob J. Says:

    Mosio has since switched business models and this is no longer accurate.

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