iPhone Expands Storage Capacity but…

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Ever since the launch of iPhone, its storage capacity has been a major issue among customers and bloggers. Well, it's useless to whine now for apple has heeded the plea of the geeks with the intro of 16GB iPhone so it can store more photos, music and videos.

Well, that's it. No surprise features at all. It is disappointing to know that no 3G or GPS are added. Specifications remain the same. But with so many things to do and mobile apps to use on iPhone even this 16GB model may not be enough.

The expanded iPhone costs $500 and is available immediately at Apple Stores and AT&T retail and online stores. The 8GB model is still available for $400, in case you're STILL interested.

Read Press Release Via Gizmodo

| February 4th, 2008 | Posted in Mobile Technologies |

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