Images of Global Mobile Culture

Images of Global Mobile Culture

As Darla Mack so kindly pointed to today, I am conducting some visual research into the different cultures of mobility around the world, and doing so using Flickr, as good a place as any to gather images from many authors.

I am looking for images that depict new behaviors, applications, technologies and communication about mobility across the globe, and it doesn't have to be specific to mobile phones, but entertainment, media, gaming, mapping–anything that has to do with technology while you are moving – untethered from wires.

If you are a Flickr member and have images you can contribute, stop by the Global Mobile Culture group at Flickr which I manage via Social Technologies, where I am a Futurist, and add those photos. If you can geotag the images you contribute, all the better, so we can map the phenomena as well!

Please stop in and add to the collection.

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