Chumby: the Hackable Personal Info Device

Chumby: the Hackable Personal Info Device

I wrote just a few days ago about modding devices, and I've fumbled with the Nokia 770 to satisfy my urge to have a simple, portable info device that could be all things to me. Now, I'm not sure what to believe. A device called the Chumby has emerged on the scene, and I can't tell if it's a dream come true or an elaborate Web 2.0 hoax.

Chumby was released at the recent FOO Camp and can best be described as a cuddly, open source, highly hackable information device that is Wi-Fi ready, shaped like a squeezeball with a screen, and attracting hordes of geeky followers who just want one of the things for their very own. It can be modded to hold the widgets you want, dressed up, used for messaging and photo swapping, and generally anything you desire. See, I told you I was suspicious.

The folks behind the Chumby aim to start cranking them out, and an ugly rumor has it that the Chumby is already being looked at by the FCC for approval. Its makers hope to put a $150 price point on the device. Look out, the Chumby could become the next squishy geek toy.

Read more about it from "the horse's mouth".

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4 Responses to “Chumby: the Hackable Personal Info Device”

  1. Lift Says:

    If it had a touch screen, it would be just about perfect. But if it really is $150, then I am definitely gonna buy one as soon as they start selling.

  2. Tarasik Says:

    I too wish such to buy to myself…

  3. EasySt Says:

    Hey Lift,
    it DOES have a (color, 320×240) touch screen… and USB ports, ambiant light sensor, Squeeze sensor, Wifi, speakers and a headphone jack. It’s aslo fully open and hackable, with published source code, hardware schematics, parts list, and more than will fit in this comment… I want one too…


  4. international online pharmacies Says:

    I’m not saying i dislike the idea it’s just that a PDA works for me too.

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